Services Cumpeo Systems Can Offer You:

Let Cumpeo Systems Inc. custom build you a high end,

top of the line system:


Key Benefits


•You will own a very powerful computer, perfect for gaming, multitasking, and multimedia

•Only top quality parts are put into your computer

•Our trained professionals will ensure your computer will be built well and will run smoothly


Have a Computer? Want to Upgrade it?

Let Cumpeo Systems Inc. upgrade it for you:


Key Benefits


•Computer technology changes rapidly, and instead of buying an entirely new system,

  let Cumpeo Systems upgrade your current machine

•Cumpeo Systems can increase both the speed of your current computer and the amount

  of information you can store on it

•It is far cheaper to upgrade your system then to buy an entirely new one


Is your computer not working?

Let Cumpeo Systems Inc. repair it:


Key Benefits


•Saves money, you do not need to purchase a new computer.

•Cumpeo Systems can fix problems with your Windows Operating System,

  and can also trouble shoot hardware problems.

Custom Computer Building, Upgrades and Repairs
Web Design & Hosting

Let Cumpeo Systems Inc. build and host your new

or existing web site:


Key Benefits


•In this age of rapid technological growth, having a website can drastically increase how much exposure your product, service and/or business can have


•Cumpeo Systems will register your domain name,

  build a web site to your specifications,

  and upload it onto the internet


•When you want to make changes to your website you can email, call,

  or make an appointment with our representative



Have a network at your business or home? Want to set one up, or just improve your existing one? We can do that!:


Key Benefits


•Start with a FREE network diagnostic to address any issues that may be present

•Access your files from any computer on the Network gives your business that competetive edge

•Print files from any computer to any connected printer helps add to work productivity

•Connect to the network from a laptop or another device for easy access to both above services



With all this new Technology coming out costing so much, why not just let us fix your old technology instead?


Key Benefits


•It cost considerably less than buying a new device

•You don't have to worry about getting used to a new interface or program

•We can repair a ton of devices including:





-Media equipment (IPods, Zunes, Kindles Etc.)

-Business networks

-Wireless routers and modems



-Fax machines


You crashed you computer and need to get the information off the hard drive, or you bought a new laptop and need to transfer the data? Use our Data recovery service!


Key Benefits


•Save all of those valuable Pictures, Documents, Videos and more!




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